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Readoo.in welcomes guest contributions to the above mentioned categories. It should meet the following guidelines.

  1. The article should be original and should not be published anywhere at the time of submission, except on your personal blog.
  2. Even if your article is published somewhere, you should have the sole right to share it in our website, so that it does not encounter the copyright issues of the previous publisher.
  3. The article should contain at least 300 words (it can be less for leisure category) and maximum 1500 words. If the article is too long then the author is expected to write the article in the series.
  4. The article should contain appropriate pictures- own or under creative commons. If licensed, then it should be properly attributed.
  5. If the article contains political humor, then it should contain original ideas. Or else, the original author should be duly credited.
  6. You will be entirely liable for opinions. So, please research well before making claims and conclusions.
  7. If your article is curated report, it should cite original sources. Your curating should add value to the original reports.
  8. No defamatory or abusive content allowed. The final decision regarding publication of the article will be of the core- editorial team.
  9. Suggestions will be given by the core-editorial team to improve your article, if it does not reach the standard.
  10. The copyright of the article will be co-owned by the respective author and Readoo.in, which will also have additional rights to use the content for promotion.
  11. All the contributors are encouraged to use their social media accounts for promoting their works. [Twitter/Facebook]

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