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How can you trust that person?

“How can you trust that person?” The question was disturbing me since few days. I couldn’t think anything but this. No, I didn’t want to get rid of it rather I wanted an answer. Although my quest bega…

Recondite Chapter 3

continued from Recondite chapter 2 Three  Atal Avadhani was a religious man and a CID officer. He believed the city was cursed and for the past few days, rain fell in torrents to wash away the sins co…

Recondite Chapter 2

continued from chapter 1  Sundhar Shetty sighed. Rain that was just a drizzle had turned in to a torrent, which was a nuisance. He ran a teashop besides the historical Mangala Devi Temple. For him, ra…

Two swords in one sheath

Once in the region of Mithilia ruled a great king named Janak. He was a great ruler, an efficient administrator, and a firm believer of peace and brotherhood. Mithilia had blossomed under his administ…

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