Vishwas K
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Vishwas K is a software professional rooted from Belthangady of DK but spreading his arms in Bangalore. A sports Lover, crazy about cycling, a vivid reader and an occassional writer.

Aligarh raises innocent questions

The propelling silence is omnipresent throughout, so much so that it questions one’s conscience with its tormenting penchant for answers. Aligarh pauses like how a poem does at powerful junctures and …

The Old man’s park

“Going inside to play or pray”, he asks the little kid, who seems to rush inside the park rather cunningly, so that he doesn’t need to pay the Rs 2 entry fee. The old man is attentive enough to catch …

He was a joy to watch

Test cricket has an alarming tendency to saunter along as if in need of some helping hands during the batting friendly post lunch sessions, especially on a hot sunny day. On one such afternoon, 11 yea…

My punishment is not traceable!

They curbed my strength as soon as I was born, they made it seem so obvious that, to be strong, I thought was wrong. It was the rule of the land to suppress me. So seamless it was, that I thought to b…

Writing is a struggle

Rustling sound driven to the ears by a tender breeze, a guest whom we never dare to ever question, on a radium lit night, pull the mildest of the strings in your heart. A glistening round ball pasted …

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