Movie Review: ANT MAN

Too much gaming can be disorienting. Play for seven hours straight and you’ll know what I mean. The hangover is hard to get over with. But I’d say it’s still worth it. Especially when you are playing Call of Duty: Advanced warfare on your dad-loaned* Xbox. The fact that your Xbox is dad-loaned makes the matter all the more urgent. What if I can’t pay back my dad and he sends a Repo man to wrench away the Xbox controller attached to my hands? This is why you should add binge-gaming to my habits: Not just out of interest but also because of the need of the hour.
Saying so, every gamer needs a break. A gamer inured to the colorful vicissitudes of the screen, can probably take in 8 to 9 hours of continuous gameplay.  Somebody like me(I call myself the sensitive gamer. Not just because I cry when in-game-non-playable-characters die) requires a break every 3 hours.
So here were my options:
1)A stroll in the park. The only rider here being, there are no parks in Mangalore. Tagore Park has become more like a private garden and Kadri park is filled more with weeds than roses.
2) Take a Nap
3)Read a book
4) Have a friendly conversation with a friendly human being.
5) Help a fellow human being
6)Watch a movie
You probably already guessed that I chose the last option. Because what’s better than hours and hours of indulging in intense virtual violence and mindless bloodletting?  obviously watching others do the same in the privacy of a movie theater.
Yes, I decided to watch Marvel’s Ant-Man.
(Reader#8 is probably thinking: “If this is his introduction to a freaking movie review!!!”. I hope there will be a reader#9)
After its acquisition by Disney( The mean old mickey mouse), Marvel Entertainment’s fortunes have soared high. Delivering one hit after another has become more of a ritual for the guys at Marvel. And most of their movies have surprisingly turned out to be entertaining( Except for Thor 2). Despite the fact that Marvel has enough fan worship to escape with a shoddy effort, tough competition from the guys at DC comics with its upcoming ventures could give Marvel a run for their money. This is why I love competition. Competition breeds excellence. Enough with the rhetoric. Ant-Man, being the latest addition to the venerated Marvel Universe continues the tradition set by its predecessors: Entertainment, entertainment, entertainment.
So what’s the story?
It’s the same like always, only funnier, keywords include: Poor guy, mess of a life, divorced, loves his family, loser, extraordinarily brilliant, ends up in unforeseeable circumstances, becomes a superhero.
Funnier, all thanks to Paul Rudd. Charming and funny in his own way. Rudd leads the movie all the way down till the end, accompanied by confident performances by Michael Douglas(My #7 favorite actor) and Michael Pena(Absolutely hilarious). Evangeline Lilly is also a welcome presence in the movie.
The Visual effects, as can be expected from a Marvel movie, are spectacular(Except for maybe one scene). But that’s a given nowadays.
There are some interesting aspects which have been explored in this movie. The special attribute of Ant-Man is his ability to shrink to the size of an ant while maintaining his strength. The bond that he shares with ants is imperative for his success. But what if he decides to shrink further to the sub-atomic level where the perceptions of time and space can be different?Watch the movie to get a glimpse of this. Marvel with its rich universe has also created a personal science associated with it. No wonder it has such a devoted fan following.
All in all, Ant-Man is funny and enjoyable and manages to bring its own odor to the picture despite walking along the lines set by its predecessors.
P.S: Edgar Wright, the guy who brought you “Scott Pilgrim vs the world” and the “Three flavors cornetto film trilogy” has written the screenplay for this movie.
P.S.S: Ok time to switch games. GTA 5 it is 😀
*Dad-loaned: My dad does not play video games. I meant to say that he loaned me some money to buy an Xbox one console. In fact, all the money required to buy an Xbox one console.
Until next time,
-Your friendly neighborhood binge-gamer 🙂
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