The Prakash Raj Ramayana!

(1) Prakash Raj alias Prakash Rai. Leading Villain in many South Indian and Hindi films. A well-known face. A respected actor. Thought to be a sensible man.

(2) Lost his cool after Gauri Lankesh’s murder. Gave an instant comment blaming right wing to be the reason behind the murder.

(3) Joined the left brigade. Blamed Modi. Blamed Right wing. He conveniently forgot that the incident had happened in Congress-ruled Karnataka.

(4) Prakash Raj, the beloved actor for Kannadigas once, now chose to be a hardcore Modi hater. A left icon. (5) His

(5) His blame game continued. Ridiculed Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath for performing KanyaPuja on VijayaDashami.

(6) Prakash Raj went to an extent to offer his national awards for acting to Modi and Yogi. Now, this was too much to take. Right raised some genuine questions. Prakash Raj had no convincing answers.

(7) Prakash Raj is the not the first one, and definitely not going to be the last one, in Modi Hate Club. But his grand entry has raised many eyebrows.

(8) Karnataka State Govt offers Rs 10 lakh to anyone that gives a significant clue in the murder case. If Mr Raj knows who the culprits are, let him give that information to government and get the bounty.

(9) Prakash Raj needs to understand we all have freedom of expression. But one should not abuse it. You cannot blame PM for Gauri’s death. You cannot ridicule a CM for performing a religious ritual.

(10) You may be a new secular icon. But respect the feelings of the millions of this nation. Be genuine. Be honest. Be real. And don’t be the villain in real life.

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