When Kanhaiya said he is not authorized to speak on AgustaWestland scam.

The JNU row has had an impact in the political stature of the of the nation. People and political parties took stands for and against the issue. It even gave us a few hot minded individuals who called themselves visionaries, rebels, and the people who were the representatives of the poor and the downtrodden in the society. One such name was of Kanhaiya Kumar. Well policies and principles apart, he took on the government on everything that he could and lashed on every opportunity to verbally fight the Modi government. May it be the opposition to the sedition charges, may it be the support to Maoists, or may it be opposing special provisions for Army in the state of JK? He is regarded as a ( self-proclaimed) vigilante to bring the government to justice if it fails to function properly. But I wonder why the vigilante refuses to speak about the AgustaWestland scam which has raised fingers on the Nehru- Gandhi family because of the alleged involvement of the AICC president Sonia Gandhi. When asked about the same he replied saying he is not authorized to speak about it!

This use of authority in a democratic country is quite funny!! Why does he need the authorization to be a whistleblower when the country is waiting to see his response in this matter. Strong questions and suspicions arise on whether his loyalty is to a political party or the nation? Kanhaiya has to answer !!

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