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Is BJP taking donations from Pakistan?

As the Bihar elections move to the last phase, there is been intense mudslinging between BJP and JDU.  After BJP Minister Rajeev Pratap Rudy tweeted a screenshot of Pakistan’s Dawn newspaper where Ads of Nitish Kumar asking for Votes for JDU has appeared. But later deleted it, because the ads that appeared was Google ads which render advertisements based on the user’s interests and location.

Now, JDU is claiming that the BJP is asking for donations from Pakistan. In the video, JDU leader Ajay Alok said, “Giriraj Singh should know that we have an advertisement on Google website which is a web portal and through Google it was distributed not only on Dawn but world over. But Giriraj Singh should also explain that they have given a proper advertisement in Dawn e-newspaper which is there and which we have released it today in which the BJP is asking for donation in Pakistan. So would Giriraj Singh like to explain that why they were asking for donation in Pakistan and who are the donators – Was it ISI? And that is why because of this donation, they are not taking any step in Kashmir when Pakistani flags are being shown.”

By seeing this mudslinging we can only say the politics in India stoops very low during elections. It is time that the political parties realise that the citizens of India need better political discourse than peddling the petty issues.


Video credits: IBNLIve

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