Excellent Tedx talk by Tarek Fatah on Partition of India and the forgotten question of Baluchistan

In April 2015, Tarek Fatah was invited by the students of India’s Rajiv Gandhi National Law University to speak at their TEDxTalk event known as TEDxRGNUL. Here is what he said to the young brilliant future lawyers of India.

While India is known to have taken birth in 1947 as a modern state, the civilisational ethos of India has survived for ages.

In this talk that was given at a TEDx event at the Rajiv Gandhi Law University in the city of Patiala in Punjab, India in March 2015, he proposed the need to develop a grand narrative of the Indian civilisation that extends beyond the geographical boundaries of the Indian Territory.

Cut off from India is the forgotten war and the horror of the continuing conflict in Balochistan. In the chat he urged the students who hosted the TEDxRGNUL event to step forward and support the cause of Baloch nationalists and to help liberate Balochistan from the occupation of Pakistan.


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