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Exposed! Kumari Selja lied that she was asked about her “Jaati” while entering the temple in Gujarat

It is no secret that the opposition is manufacturing new issues to blame the Government and stall the Parliament functioning. The Latest issue is about the Gujarat Model raised by MP Kumari Selja. Selja had created a stir yesterday, during the debate on commitment to the Constitution claiming that she was asked about her caste when she had visited a temple in Dwarka town of Gujarat as a Minister during UPA rule.


“I am a Dalit but I am Hindu. I feel like visiting temples. I wanted to go to Dwarka temple. I have visited hundreds of temples. (I visited) Dwarka temple when I was Cabinet minister. I was asked about my caste,” Selja had said during the debate on Commitment to the Constitution. She specially taunted the Gujarat Model and also cried in the Parliament when BJP disagreed with her statement that the Temple does not ask caste while entering.

She also exposed her hypocrisy, that what prevented her from raising the matter as she was a Cabinet minister and her party was in power at the Centre. She chose not to answer.

To counter Selja, who had made the claim in the House on Monday while participating in a debate on the Constitution, Jaitley produced a page of the visitors’ book of Dwarkadheesh temple in which she had lauded the “excellent” arrangements.

He also read out Selja’s written comments at the temple which said, “With Lord Krishna’s blessings, had a very good darshan. The upkeep and maintenance of the premises is excellent. May the Lord bless all those who are fortunate enough to come here for his blessings.” The remarks were written on February 22, 2013.

There was no mention of the problem she faced. This proves that she deliberately manufactured this issue in 2015 in the Parliament to defame the now Government and block the Parliament functioning. When she was caught red handed, the Congress members created havoc and the Parliament was adjourned 3 times.

Without discussing about the real issues like, Chennai floods, the opposition members are “manufacturing issues” about “manufactured discrimination”. Dear Politicians. we are watching you!

Do watch the video and let us know your comments.

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