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Caught demanding bribe! What happened to Self-called Anti-Corruption Crusaders?

“Millions of common Indians came out on streets to fight against the biggest evil in our country today – corruption. This people’s anti-corruption movement has exposed the ugly and greedy face of our politicians. No political party in India today works for the common man’s needs. The Janlokpal Movement was a call to all the politicians of India to listen to the common man’s plea. For almost 2 years we tried every single way available to plead our cause to the government – peaceful protesting, courting arrest, indefinite fasting several rounds of negotiations with the ruling government – we tried everything possible to convince the government to form a strong anti- corruption law. But despite the huge wave of public support in favour of a strong anti-corruption law, all political parties cheated the people of India and deliberately sabotaged the Janlokpal Bill. The time for peaceful fasts and protests is gone. This is the time for action. Since most political parties are corrupt, greedy and thick skinned, it’s time to bring political power back into the people’s hands. Our aim in entering politics is not to come to power; we have entered politics to change the current corrupt and self-serving system of politics forever. So that no matter who comes to power in the future, the system is strong enough to withstand corruption at any level of governance.” This is the summary of why Aam Admi party wanted to enter politics. I have taken it from their website.

The party has transformed into “Just another political party over years. Mr. Kejriwal and his fleet of ministers are most of the time involved in playing the blame game, and pointing fingers towards the central government or the Lt. Governer Nazeeb jung for everything that happens. But this video that has come up now is shaking the pillars on which the party came to power. “Fighting corruption,” has not been the case for the party with this video clippings showing a purported conversation between Hammad, a personal staffer of Delhi’s minister Imran Hussain, and a businessman from Ballimaran, in which Hammad has been demanding Rs 25 lakh on the minister’s behalf to give a nod to the construction of a house.

Now the big question is , Was Aam Aadmi used again as a stepping stone to come to power, or did it mean anything at all!!

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