AAP Minister calls Modi “FEKU” in the stage, you will not believe how the audience reacted!

Well, today we will introduce to you to a person, Mr. Kapil Mishra. For all those who are wondering who this person is, Mr. Kapil Mishra is an MLA representing Karawal Nagar constituency in the Sixth Legislative Assembly of Delhi. And more importantly, he is a Delhi Minister. He has some social work on his back such as protests again the CWG scam, The Jessica Lal murder and so on.

But on 25th of January it so happened that Kapil was delivering a speech at Literature festival at Rajasthan, and he tried doing a Kapil Sharma of Comedy Nights. But the choice of the Joke didn’t work well for him. He tried getting some political mileage by taking a stand for Kejriwal. He probably wanted to show his loyalty towards Kejri and was apparently hurt of people calling latter Kujliwaal and Khaasiwal. All was good he tried to involve Modi in the speech saying people don’t tolerate Modi being called a FEKU. This was probably the trigger the students and the audience out there needed, as chants of “MODI, MODI” started echoing in the crowd.

Kapil was momentarily embarrassed but he continued his speech saying you can shout Modi, but that doesn’t stop me from telling my “Man Ki Baath”. However the chant became louder and louder and he was left speechless and had to smile it off to avoid being embarrassed.

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