Shame: Is this the kind of language you use against the PM?

What do you do if you are having a problem of hair loss of late? Try some hair oil, medication, get a wig?

But the trend in India, and for some people is something different. For them, it is Modi, who is responsible for everything. They blame Prime minister Modi for a fallen hair to a broken tooth. Yes, there could be a point in it. You may think he is responsible, You have that right to think after all we are the largest democratic republic in the world. And we have the freedom to think and express. But this freedom of expression can get out of hand at times.

The newest example supporting this is a video that is making rounds on social media now. The video which is allegedly said to be, of the so-called “INTELLECTUAL”  students who are protesting against the Union Government, accusing it to be responsible for the death of Rohit Vemula a Ph.D. student of Hyderabad Central University. These protests stay in as an aftermath of the suicide of the above mentioned in his hostel room on 17th January 2016. The death and the protest took a political turn and controversies started whirling around his caste, initial reports quoting him as a Dalit, which was later ruled out by his father and other family members. However, the media outburst and the political mileage that the case generated has resulted in widespread rallies and protests against PMO and Union HRD.

But what still stands as a question is what kind of intellectuality, dignity and maturity does this video and acts in this video depict? Especially from the educated class of the society. Protesting and defaming are two different acts and it is sad that these folks are involved in doing the latter. The office of the prime minister of India holds its own respect and it shouldn’t be tainted by acts like this which can’t be justified. The student leaders and the people behind this, supporting the protest should probably think over And it’s high time to take a moral stand now.

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