Faulkner tried to sledge Kohli, but Virat’s reply will make you go LOL

Virat Kohli is the name of the modern day game, from juicy onside drives to classic cover drives, from timing the ball to perfection to hard-hitting he has every shot written on the book in his arsenal. Apart from being an accomplished batsman, he can be counted as one amongst the best fielders in the world. The Indian Test skipper is the next big thing when it comes to breaking records and making some. Having the gorgeous Diva Anushka for so long is a record in itself! :P.

Well, but if there is something other than this which separates and puts him ahead of others in his class is his aggression, of course, the Delhi dasher is known for his aggressive behaviour on the field, He never misses a chance to hit back on sledging opponents. And this time, it was James Faulkner who tried to get his way into the minds of Kohli by biting into a conversation when Kohli was batting in the 3rd ODI at MCG in Australia. But it didn’t end well for Faulkner as Kohli retorted by saying him, “Go back and bowl, I have smashed you enough in my life”. That is possibly the best way of giving it back to the Aussie cricketers. One thing is for sure, sledges like these from Kohli is giving the Australians the taste of their own medicine. The T20 whitewash has added more shame to the pride of the Australians which was tainted badly by the words of Kohli. He is making them realise that their old strategies of sledging to get the best of the opposition won’t work with him, as he goes to be  the first batsman to record three consecutive fifties in a T20 bilateral series in Australia

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