This man is a CPM leader during daytime and a robber during night time!

This news from Kasaragod is something interesting. We see people having a common notion that politicians are thieves. But here is a politician who moved a step ahead, and actually tried hard to fit into this profile.

Meet Raghavan, A CPM leader and activist!!! He is known for his flamboyant fights against various issues in the day, but in the night, he chooses to be a different man. He is half a Robin Hood, that is he loots the rich, but forgets to share it to the poor.

But every day is not a Sunday, and this guy chose a Monday to sneak into an NRI businessman’s house. The neighbors on Monday midnight saw someone suspiciously moving around the house of Mohammad Younus, and they informed the Police. But Raghavan had managed to flee from the scene. However, the electronic eyes had him captured. The CCTV footages clearly showed the face of the suspect who later turned out to be Raghavan.

The Police have set this video on Social sites in a hope of finding him. This has put CPM in  serious embarrassment and the party has removed him from the party.

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