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I do not have a son, But I will make my girl child strong enough and make her join the army!

A simple, traditional, North-Karnataka Woman, who recently lost her brave army husband, now a single parent with a girl child’s responsibility on her shoulders. Just place yourself in her foot, think what you may plan for your child’s future?

Many of us choose a safer path but this brave woman says  “I do not have a son, But I will make my girl child strong enough and join the army”, Madam we salute you for your thoughts.

The above words are said by our Siachen hero, Lance Naik Hanamantappa Koppad’s wife Mahadevi Koppad.”Anti-national activities taking place in different parts of India made me sad; India has given us an opportunity to take birth and we are misusing it. I request to all young generation of this country not to involve in the anti-national activities” add to her previous statement.

Lance Naik Hanumantappa Koppad who was found alive after 6 days under 25 feet snow in a miracle event, later even whole countries prayers failed to save him. During the same time, the campus anti-national activities took place which compelled Mahadevi Koppad to describe her perception on that issue.

Do watch the video and tell us your opinion.

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