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PM Modi concentrates on development not on allegations. Watch/Read his full speech here.

A lot was expected out of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s address today In Parliament, as he spoke on the occasion of  motion of thanks on the president’s address. He stood up to the expectations again with the speech highlighting on the following aspects.

  • Quoting on the fact that 8th march being the women’s day, he pleaded the house to make a strong point on women empowerment by letting only the women members of the parliament to make their points and their views on development. He said even though Politics is all about mud throwing and about bashing each other, the sessions in the parliament should reflect otherwise.
  • He strongly made a point on Why not the parliament sessions are molded in such that one of the sessions or, at least, one week be reserved only for the first timer MP’s to speak. That is only when the new wind can flow and new ideas that the nation wants to know and understand can flow.
  • Another aspect of his speech included the issue of United Nations coming up with a sustainable development goal. He asked why the parliament can’t reserve 2 to 3 days in order to discuss the sustainable development goals. According to him, Humanity and nationality are also as important as other issues around.
  • He was disturbed over the quality of education of our primary students. He quoted the problem with uneducated kids.
  • The other highlight was his reference to pure drinking water issues and the problem of delayed justice. He said, “Delay in justice is equivalent to the denial of justice”. He pressed on the need that the house spends some time on it.
  • On the sessions in the parliament getting adjourned, Modi was seen expressing his views saying that, “Some believe it’s about not letting the government function, some believe it’s about Saying government is not letting our voices out. It is because of the “Inferiority complex””.  They think if the small people think, talk that will hurt us.” This comment was apparently aimed at The Congress VP Rahul Gandhi. Moving forward he didn’t forget to pull the legs of the opposition again by saying, “There are some people who entertain too!! They entertain in parliament.”
  • Quoting Indira Gandhi he said, “There are some people who project our nation as a state of poor, if we do that, they also think the same”. He claimed that this mindset has to change. He lashed on the opposition by his words He said, “There are some people who grow old, but with age they don’t mature. So they just oppose.”
  • “There are some problems in the nations, like illiteracy, ill feelings, false attitude and so on. But the most important problem in India is a motion against fast changing development and strategies. They give 100 reasons to say why it will affect us”, Modiji mocked the opposition by again quoting the words of Late Smt. Indira Gandhi.
  • He made fun of the opposition and made a strong point on his development claims saying, “We constructed 4lakh toilets in schools because you didn’t construct them in 60 years. The Bangladesh issue got solved in our tenure because you didn’t solve it. We lit 18000 villages because you couldn’t do it in 60 + years. We speak of Mgnrega, It is the incarnation of the 1980’s NREP, 1984’s NREGB, 1990’s JRY 1993’s EAS, 2003’s SGRY and NFWP in 2004. The opposition can say that we have put so much of poverty in India that you cannot mitigate it. Mgnrega is again the mirror of failure of the previous governments. Even the skilled laborers are wanting to be called unskilled.”
  • He said it was a big challenge for him to get rid of this uncertainties and failures of Mgnerga responding to Kharge’s allegations of corruption in Mgnrega, He quoted the CAG reports in 2012, Modi asserted that the work is being carried out to make Mgnrega spoof proof. The failure of Mgnrega is because of its failure to reach the poor and the required.
  • Jandhan, AADHAR are trying to make this spoof proof. The CAG report says even after 7 years of the Mgnrega, the rules were not set on the implementation of Mgnrega, in 7 states out of which 4 were congress led states.
  • His opinion on the agitations in the nation was simple. He said, “This agitation is because we are working better than the previous governments.
  • Speaking about the food security bill, Modiji asserted, “The Food security bill is being spoken out by Congress Government as the work of their party. But it was implemented in 12 states with none of the implementation requirements. Kerala, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur are the congress ruled states where the bill is still not implemented. This is the mirror of your failures.”
  • On Sugoto Roy’s comments on Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima yojana, he said “Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima yojana” will be implemented throughout the nation from April 1st. The pilot plan was implemented 45 districts. Five to six plans have been thought to be integrated along with it.10 years of UPA government spent  9291 crores in railway development, 32587crore rupees in 2 years, UPA 1 average railway line implementation was 1477kms, UPA 2 1520Kms, NDA  laid on an average 2200 Kms
  • The other important allegation is on the denial and reduction of grants to states. He said,” Let’s go by numbers, in 2015 the money grant to states from center was 6, 78,819 cores, in 2016 it was 8, 20,133 crores when compared 2014-15 it is 141,314 crores, that is 20.8% more than the last year. So this makes all other allegations baseless”
  • Quoting about Khrushchev and Stalin he quoted how badly the government missionary was cranked and crippled in the tenure of congress, the voice of the common man was silenced, Modi quoted.
  • He was clinical is making his point about the opposition involving in mudslinging on the policies and the decisions of the government by quoting, “पर उपदेश कुशल बहुतेरे”नस-हत देना आसान है, पर खुद उस पर अमल करना ज़्यादा ज़रूरी है” which means, “Evaluation is a great way to solidifying your own knowledge for teaching it to others. What is the use of fanciful sermonizing or expressing that, which we ourselves are not able to evaluate it in our daily practical life”.
  • He asserted that the government missionary and the government officials are not being accountable because politicians are lost in battles within themselves. And the politicians are divided in the name of parties and regions. According to him, the need of the day is to make the executive branch accountable and answerable. Modi stated that when the politicians are lost in thinking how to get featured on the newspaper front pages the accountability of the executive branch is getting deteriorated. He strongly mentioned that the nation can’t be let to be run on the rules set by executive branch.
  • He quoted the need to trust the citizens of India. Stopping the interviews of D group employees and the provisions of self-attestation of government documents are al also an important step in getting that belief up according to him.

These were the point to point highlights of the Prime Minister’s address in the Parliament today.

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