MS Dhoni rips into journalist after India vs Bangladesh thriller WT20 match

India survived a mighty scare before pulling off an incredible 1-run victory over Bangladesh in a nerve-wracking low-scoring thriller to keep their semi-final hopes alive in the ICC World T20 on Wednesday night.

Defending a modest 146, India looked down and out for the better part of the match before pulling their acts together in the final two overs to restrict Bangladesh to 145 for 9.

This victory was a perfect Holi gift for the Indians(well, for most of them). But not for one journalist, who went on to ask the winning captain about the narrow victory and asked whether he was happy about the performance of the team when they should have won the match with the great margin.

For which the captain cool responded with strong words saying that the tone of the journalist suggest that he is not happy with the victory. And he added that the cricket matches are not scripted. Pitch, toss all matters in this and if one does not consider these things while analysing then they should not ask these kind of questions.

Do watch the video and let us know your opinion in the comments section.

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