Video: Shoaib Akhtar gets angry at the anchor for playing Mauka Mauka Song!

After India’s 11th win against Pakistan in the ICC World tournaments, in the post-match discussion Pakistan former speedster Shoaib Akhtar seemed a bit irked at the “Mauka Mauka” song played at the beginning of the show. The discussion was anchored by Jatin Sapru and Kapil Dev was also present along with Akhtar.

The Mauka Mauka song was playing when Sapru started his intro, praising Virat Kohli and his brilliant match winning innings, when he suddenly laughed a bit. Shoaib Akhtar who looked upset by Pakistan’s loss asked Sapru why was he laughing after he was asked for his opinion. Sapru explained that he laughed because of the Mauka Mauka song and he wanted the production team to stop playing the song.

But Akhtar strongly suggested that Sapru was making the fun of Pakistani team after their loss to India and said to him in Hindi that he cannot do that, he can’t make fun of his team like this. Sapru immediately apologized and Kapil Dev also chimed in, trying to diffuse the situation.

Kapil Dev asked Sapru to simply carry on with the show and asked Akhtar to calm down. Sapru immediately progressed to announce that the presentation ceremony was about to start.

Do watch the video and let us know your comments on this below.

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