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Sangeetha Shreenidhi is a proud Indian spreading the taste Indian Spices and dishes in the land of Germany. For Sangeetha, cooking was always a passion and today, a part of life. A regular blogger, vivid traveler and now a part of community!

Kaju Katli / Cashew Fudge

Kaju Katli is one such sweet which will melt in your mouth. See the recipe below, to learn how to make delicious Kaju Katli. Makes 30 proper diamonds, another irregular shaped 4-5 u get as you cut the…

Easy Chakli recipe

Here is a simple recipe of a popular snack Chakli / Chakkuli. (Makes 18 chaklis of above size) Ingredients: All purpose flour(Maida)- 2 cups Carom seeds(Ajwain)-½ tsp Cumin seeds(Whole Jeera)-½ tsp Re…

Paneer Ladoo

Paneer Ladoo is something that kids and elders love alike. Melt in mouth delicacy it is. In this article, I have share the recipe of Paneer Ladoo. Happy Diwali! Makes 35 ladoos Ingredients: Full fat m…

Couscous Vegetable Salad

Ingredients: Couscous- ½ cup Boiling water-½ cup Radish- 3-4 cut in roundels Cherry tomatoes-5-6 halved Cucumber-¼ portion chopped Carrots-1 diced into small pieces Red Paprika/Red Capsicum-½ portion …

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Ingredients: Recipe for 4 stuffed capsicums: Bell peppers/capsicum/paprika(Any color, I chose red and green)- 4 Potatoes (medium sized)-4 Soya chunks-35-40 chunks Onions-1 chopped Green chillies-2 cho…

Sweet: Rawa aur Mawa Gujiya

Learn how to prepare  a popular Gujarati sweet Rawa aur Mawa Gujiya. You can enhance it by adding finely chopped dry fruits like cashews, almonds, pistachios, raisins and even dates. Makes 30 For Doug…

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